Monday, June 6, 2011

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig!

A very big sigh of relief to be home and still DRY!  I didn't have time to post before, but we were evacuated due the lovely Souris River flooding.  Evidently we're just within the 100 year flood zone--go figure.  We had record snowfall this year and then rain, rain, rain.  The river finally crested--don't ask me what day, my head is still muggy.  But we've been home and have gas, electric, and water back on.  Now to get the boys to put the downstairs toilet back on--it's in front of the dryer and shower! 

I am sending a few dozen prayers of thankfulness skyward for the cease in rain, for all the local volunteers who sandbagged, for those who opened their homes to "refugees" or who ran the shelters, and for the National Guard. Those saints came in like gangbusters to strengthen the dikes and put up secondary dikes very, very quickly.  Pics follow:

Yes, the river is touching the bottom of the bridge!

Kate's school

One of the old bridges that was converted to a foot bridge/park.