Friday, December 30, 2011

Smurfy, Smurfy Day

Oh how I get roped into the kids' fantasy lives....  We had a Smurf party!  Remember the old cartoon with a hundred little blue people running around, all named for his most dominent personality characteristic?  Brainy, Clumsy, Hefty, Farmer, Vanity....  and led by Papa Smurf who was the only one significantly older?  Pursued by the villian Gargamel and his cat.  Who created just one girl Smurf to trap all the others?  But Smurfette was saved from being evil by Papa and joined the village.  No s-e-x....  Baby Smurf was brought by a stork.  It was a cute cartoon way back when my older kids were little and now it's back with a full length movie.  Really cute actually!

Anyhow, I'm on Crowdtap, one of those survey groups (more interesting actually since there are discussion groups and you get feedback and donate your earnings to charity), and one of the activities was to hold a Smurf party....  So we did.  Oh my.... 
We decorated our people with blue sidewalk chalk.  It goes on easily, washes off, etc.  Crowdtap had sent a kit so we made Smurf hats, but had only ONE Papa hat (red...).  We made Smurfy necklaces and bracelets with metallic and alphabet beads.  The little girls loved the coloring pages that came in the kit and the older girls liked the computer games linked to the Smurf movie.  Kate and Hannah made Smurfberry tarts and we ate them while they were still warm. Yum! We made Smurfy punch with blue fruit punch and 7-Up--surprisingly good!

Then we watched the movie.  Would you believe that the favorite character is the CAT?  Actually I remember Asriel being less intelligent in the original cartoons.  He has developed a bit of sophistication and rolls his eyes back when Gargamel does something ditsy in the movie.  It's a good movie for the kids, with enough humor and insight for adults to enjoy too.
It was LONG party--over three hours since we had people coming and going and watched the movie, too.  What's the saying?  "And a good time was had by all"....