Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Life Happens.... and a Cruise

I've been cleaning out my computer and such and thought, "Gee, it's been a while since I blogged."  Well, duh, but far longer than I remembered.  Not quite as long as visiting BlogWorld since I read other blogs, but still....

More Life Changes....  Rents in Minot have doubled and tripled so Kate and I are living with my oldest son.  It usually runs smoothly until our life styles collide.  i.e. I'm a lot messier than the rest of the household--and a HOARDER.  Step One:  Admit you have an issue.  Step Two:  Do something about it.  Yuck.  Too many other things are more interesting than diving into my rat's nest of a bedroom/sewing room.

Deliberate change of subject....  Seven of us from work went on a Girls Only Cruise to Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Falmouth, Jamaica, Labadee, Haiti, starting from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  I never thought I was the cruising type, but it was fantastic!  Thank you, Royal Caribbean....  I was worried about getting seasick, but I adjusted well.  Just don't watch the horizon if it's bouncing!  The shore excursions were really fun and I am now known as the Wild Child.  I climbed the five story observation tower in Grand Cayman--stairs but against a beautiful mosaic.  I've been to Hell and back and have the pic to prove it.  I rode the Jamaican bobsled and would love to go again.  I climbed Dunn's River Falls and am very, very glad that I did it this year--might be too decrepit to do that climb by the time I take another trip there.  And I zip lined on the longest zip line over water in the world.  Interesting.  I hung out at the beach, dipped my feet in the Caribbean Sea, and got a minor burn that has faded nicely.  And I managed to find at least one geocache at each destination.  We went our own ways during the day, sometimes together of course, and met up for dinner to compare notes and dine in style.  The food was miraculous and I only gained two pounds.

It's amazing though--I kept seeing some chunky old lady wearing my bathing suit in all the pictures.  If you catch her, ask her how she managed to jump in there with me.

Three million tiles in the mosaic!

It depicts what you would see on "the perfect dive".

Rock formations called Hell

Tour guide and I playing around
Seven Mile Beach

Zip line over Labadee