Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello Again

Well, after three and a half years in hibernation, I'm back to being nourished by an internet umbilical cord and connecting with some old inter-friends. I never thought I'd be where I am today, but hey, life doesn't always give you lemonade! You have to take the lemons and do it yourself. And sometimes it doesn't hurt to add a few flavorings just to spice things up.

For those of you who haven't a clue as to that hibernation, I was a stay-at-home super-mom who had the leisure to follow my creative bent, mostly through quilting although I also have a fondness for stained glass. I worked part-time, occasionally full-time, until DH's job changes took us to yet another town or state and I started all over making friends, connections, etc. And then that lifestyle imploded in one short day and I moved on to being a single mom with a lot of emotional baggage.

I'm mostly okay now, but I feel like I was living underwater and imagining everything that I thought was real. So much for trust and loyality. I'm such a Pollyanna. I want to believe the best in everyone. I want to see all the good things in life and SAVOR them. But sometimes it's like looking at my life and comparing it to an Easter lily--looks beautiful, smells lovely, and then the decay sets in and it really stinks.

So. Enough of all that. Life can be very, very good. I've changed SO much in my life. New job that eats up too much of my time, but that I like and that nourishes me. New house (rental, but I can paint, etc.) that I've decorated in a totally different style, much more funky. New clothes, different style. Closed down my craft business. Still quilting, just not as much time-wise, and I've added a new interest (geocaching) and expanded on an old one (gardening). New me? Mostly.... just wish I could lose a few pounds or forty. Who doesn't?

Enough for today...


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  1. Hi Nancy,

    Nice to see you here! I didn't know who you were when you left a comment and I had to come see. Your comment is set to No Reply so I couldn't comment directly to you. (You can change that in your profile settings.)

    I'll bookmark your blog! Welcome!