Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Will Never Watch "Flipper" Again

Ah, memories.... I was talking to my little sis this afternoon and we were comparing favorite movies, and those that are NOT favs anymore. My non-favorite? "Flipper" Not that it's a bad movie, wouldn't make my Top 100 List, but really not that bad. It's just that it was Kate's I-have-to-watch-this-three-times-again-today movie when she was little. Okay, I'm a bad mother: I let her. It was easier than dealing with the hissy fit if she didn't get her Flipper fix. Be honest: when faced with a three year old on a mission, do you really stand a chance?

There were limits though when Kate invented a game to go along with the movie. (Thanks goodness, I hadn't scarred her creativity!) It went somethng like this:

"Mommy, let's play Sharks and Dolphins!"
"Okay, how do we play?"
"I'll be the dolphin and you be the shark." And then Kate would butt me with her head and say, "Doink! Doink!". Trust me, that little head was a missle!
"That's cool, Kate! Now it's my turn to be the dolphin and you can be the shark."
"Okay, Mommy. But you have to use your NOSE!"

We were movie bin diving last week and Kate picked out, you guessed it, "FLIPPER"! It came home with one condition: that Kate watches it only when I am not in the house!

Off and running,

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