Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring, Spring, Spring

So have you ever watched that great oldie "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"? Awesome movie and one of the few musicals that my sons actually like. Full of humor, majestic scenery, interesting choreography, etc. Anyhow, there's one musical number in there where the six brothers and their honeys are singing their little hearts out Spring, Spring, SPRING!

Well, that's how I feel today. The sun is shining, the wind is just mild; there are people practically galloping past, walking their dogs. (Where were they all winter?) OMG, I took the plastic off the windows and opened them! Nothing like fresh air in the spring. I'm not going overboard yet and starting the window washing, but hey, that will come.

I have rhubarb peeking through, and my dianthus is nicely green. Last year it started blooming and even survived a late snowfall. I think I'll make the flower beds just a little deeper this year and round out the curve so that it's easier to mow around. But first to rake all the winter mess up and then hit the garden center. I love that musty, earthy smell of the greenhouses.

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